YouDao Lubricating Oil

YOUDAO® Series Refrigeration Lubricating Oil

SHANGHAI YOUDAO NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD( is one of the major suppliers of lubricants to the compressor OEM market in China, especially to the air conditioner compressor. In addition, YOUDAO is a manufacturer of specialty lubricants for plant applications. Our Industrial Lubricants allow the end user to recognize increased savings by reduced viscous drag, improved separation and extended lubricant life.

YOUDAO YR series refrigeration lubricating oil is new products developed for HCFC system, which is made from selected naphthenic base crude oil refined through special processing methods, with excellent lubricity, chemical stability, low temperature properties and good solubility with refrigerant, therefore the refrigeration system could maintain long-term stability. The products have been put into large scale use in the refrigerator compressor and air conditioner compressor market in China.

LS-RH series synthetic oil products (POE type) are developed for refrigerator and air conditioner compressor, suitable for the systems of R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A, etc. The viscosity index ranges from VG10 to VG 68.

Main Customers:

HIGHLY/Shanghai Hitachi, GMCC, Wanbo/Panasonic, Donper, Lamda/Gree, QHEC/Sanyo

In the ever-changing world of refrigeration, new opportunities and applications continue to be explored. Our research and development staff is hard at work developing lubricants for tomorrow’s applications.


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