HIGHLY heat pump water heater compressor

HIGHLY heat pump water heater compressor (WHP series):

Popular models widely used in the world listed below, for more options/complete catalog for heat pump water heater, heating or dryer, please kindly contact us (market@jointway.cc)

Model Refrigerant Vol/Fre Cooling capacity COP
WHP00930BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 941 W 3.9
WHP01900BUV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 1895 W 4.2
WHP02830BUV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 2805 W 4.22
WHP02830BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 2815 W 4.05
WHP03970BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 3900 W 4.1
WHP05100BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 5270 W 4.05
WHP03240BSK R134a DC 3240 W(at 3970 rpm) 4.37(at 3970 rpm)
WHP04860BSD R134a DC 4860 W(at 3640 rpm) 4.37(at 3640 rpm)

HIGHLY is the most professional supplier in Heat pump water heater field for compressor.

Jointway is the only authorized Exporter for HIGHLY compressor. Please contact us for all kind of supports(market@jointway.cc)