HIGHLY Rotary Compressor

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Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1954 and converted to a limited liability company. HIGHLY has seven invested enterprises such as Shanghai Highly Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., etc. and its main products include home air conditioning compressors, dehumidifier compressors, heat pump-specific compressors, special refrigeration equipment, casting, commercial freezers, automobile starters, etc.

At present, the annual production capacity of the Company mainly manufacturing air conditioning compressors reaches 24 million units, ranking Top 3 globally, with products selling to over 160 countries and regions in the world.

Compressor for Normal Room Air conditioners and dehumidifier:

Beside normal room air conditioner industry, HIGHLY is the first and most professional rotary compressor manufacturer developed full range products for different applications, including compressor for heat pump water heater, battery bin cooling and cabinet cooling, base station A/C , CRAC and data center A/C of telecommunication industry and other special industry air conditioners.

Some popular models listed below:

1, 48V DC inverter compressor for battery bin cooling or cabinet cooling of telecommunication:

Model Cooling capacity COP
BSA272SDF 1058 BTU 2.95
BSA357SDF 1928 BTU 3.05
BSG088SDF 3429 BTU 3.35
BSG133SDF 6824 BTU 3.35
BSL253SDF 10338 BTU 3.37

2, Fixed speed compressor for cabinet cooling of telecommunication:

Model Refrigerant Vol/Fre Cooling capacity COP
BSA357DT R134a 230V/50-60Hz 1580 BTU 1.95
BSA645DT R134a 230V/50-60Hz 2934 BTU 2.21
BSD122DT R134a 230V/50-60Hz 4982 BTU 2.96
BSL180DT R134a 230V/50-60Hz 5800 BTU 3.02
BSL253DT R134a 230V/50-60Hz 9878 BTU 2.69

3, Other special application, such like heat pump water heater:

Model Refrigerant Vol/Fre Cooling capacity COP
WHP00930BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 941 W 3.9
WHP01900BUV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 1895 W 4.2
WHP02830BUV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 2805 W 4.22
WHP02830BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 2815 W 4.05
WHP03970BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 3900 W 4.1
WHP05100BSV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 5270 W 4.05
WHP03240BSK R134a DC 3240 W(at 3970 rpm) 4.37(at 3970 rpm)
WHP04860BSD R134a DC 4860 W(at 3640 rpm) 4.37(at 3640 rpm)

4, and for Tumble Dryer:

Model Refrigerant Vol/Fre Cooling capacity COP
BSD104DV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 4040 BTU 3
BSD122DV R134a 220V-240V/50Hz 4777 BTU 2.88

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